Folk, Gypsy, and "Slavicana"

From a simple folk song to a snappy gypsy jazz tune to a wandering improvisational reverie, three-piece band Troika brings the rich and diverse landscape of Eastern European folk music to life for American audiences. Although many instruments are featured--including accordion, saw, tambourine, mandolin, foot percussion and banjo--the heart of Troika's sound is the dynamic interplay between Sarah Skreko's fiddle and Dianna Davis' clarinet, driven forward by the punchy rhythms of Mario Joven's guitar. Vocalists Dianna and Mario sing songs of love, loss, and exultation in Russian, Macedonian, Slovenian, and English. Troika also celebrates the Balkan dance tradition; the wild rhythms of their dance tunes are unlike anything else this side of the Carpathians! 

Announcement: New Band Member!